FMCUSA J-Term 2017

Registration is closed.  For additional assistance, please call 1-800-342-5531 and ask for Ministerial Credentialing.

January 9-13  Please note there is only one term this year!


Class descriptions and credits

  • Free Methodist History and Polity — Dr. Joe Culumber  (Required course for CMC consideration and counts as 2 credits) This course seeks to help the student understand the origins, development and government of the Free Methodist Church. 
  • Wesleyan Theology — Dr. Gerald Coates (Required course for Elder ordination and counts as 3 credits) This course will explore the life and legacy of John Wesley and investigate the implications of Wesleyan theology on the nature of God, human nature, salvation, sanctification, spiritual growth, church life, worship, and social witness. Participants will explore major tenets of Wesleyan theology, compare and contrast Wesleyan theology with other Christian doctrine, learn and sing Wesley hymns, consider ways in which a Wesleyan worldview can be lived out, and develop a tool based on Wesleyan Theology for application in a ministry setting.
  • Homiletics (CANCELLED) — Dr. Linda Adams (Counts as 3 pastoral theology credits) This course is designed to help you develop a theology of preaching and increase your skills in creating and delivering sermons. It combines theory and practice, including in-class preaching and critique. We will explore the person of the preacher, the pastoral nature of preaching, and the role of the congregation and context in the art of communicating.
  • Leadership – Dr. David Brewer and Rev. B. Elliott Renfroe  (Counts as 2 pastoral theology credits) Leadership is a buzzword in the business world and in the church. But what is it? How do we recognize it, develop it in ourselves, and build a culture that encourages it? What does Jesus think about what we usually call leadership? And what about following? This course will explore the relationship between leading and following, examine good and bad examples of leadership, and discuss both the soul and skills of leadership. The course will be extremely helpful for both clergy and lay leaders.
  • Bible: OT Book of Isaiah  (CANCELLED) – Rev. Kristen Marble (Counts as 2 credits for Bible) See course Syllabus for further information.

Registration Fees

Tuition is $50 (discounted price) per credit hour if registered by November 1, 2016. After November 1, tuition will be $65 (full price) per credit hour. Full
tuition must be paid in advance.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO: December 8, 2016


Books must be purchased prior to class. Check your course syllabus for a text list.

Pre-class work

Go to to download your class syllabus and begin assignments. Beginning your reading assignments and homework prior to J-Term will improve the intensive study experience.


Classes will run from Monday evening through Friday afternoon. Registration will be 4:00-5:00 pm (EST) on Monday with dinner at 5:00 pm and initial class from 6-8 pm.   Tuesday - Friday hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or as the class schedule dictates.


Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for housing and meals. We recommend the Wingate Hotel which is 2 miles from the World Ministries Center. The Wingate Hotel phone number is: 317-243-8310. When making reservations, be sure to mention the discount arrangements provided for Free Methodist Church J-Term students. Rooms at the Wingate have a small refrigerator and microwave. Breakfast is provided by the hotel and lunches will be provided by the MD&C department.


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