Colombia Church Loan Fund

The FMC in Colombia has ministries in 17 locations around the country, but only one ministry has a viable and secure long-term building solution. The other congregations meet in various situations (storefronts, available community rooms, under pop-up tents and in borrowed church buildings). While we are firmly committed to fueling the outward expansion of the church and believe God is calling us to plant churches in every corner of the country relentlessly, we also believe congregations need reliable, functional places to gather. Without these facility solutions, churches hit growth and expansion bottlenecks.

In Colombia, there are no options for developing church plants to access capital for buildings and properties, and self-raised building campaigns can take years or decades. The Colombian FM Church Loan Fund will allow the national church to loan essential funds to developing local church plants whose growth potential and long-term viability can be exponentially increased through adequate gathering space. Experience shows that their financial strength increases when churches secure suitable meeting spaces. The funds loaned can be repaid and “paid forward” to repeat the process by assisting other churches in Colombia. Money given to the fund will keep on giving for years to come!

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