The Shared Sustainability Fund

Including Business as Mission and Kaam Karna Initiatives

Young pastors in Southeast Asia are passionate about spreading the gospel and leading their churches, but many are stuck in poverty, making it difficult to provide for their families. Shared Sustainability offers co-vocational training to indigenous pastors so churches and communities can flourish.

Your donations help fund our 4-Part Sustainability Plan:

  1. Train and Equip Indigenous Pastors - We partner with established, on-the-ground organizations to train and equip pastors for co-vocational ministry, teaching the theology of work and empowering pastors to generate an income while leading a church.
  2. Connect Business Owners with Local Pastors - We help indigenous business owners catch God’s vision for kingdom partnerships so that they can invest in local pastors, churches, and community enterprises.
  3. Unleash the Church to Transform Communities - As business owners and pastors come together in a relational partnership, income is created in a sustainable way, allowing the local church to be at the forefront of community transformation.
  4. Invest in Kingdom Businesses - We help indigenous Christian entrepreneurs and small business owners in Southeast Asia acquire the grants they need to create income in their communities.

Partner with Shared Sustainability, and together we can celebrate as pastors, churches, and entire communities across Southeast Asia flourish!

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