Taiwan Lukai Jilu FMC Building Fund

The Lukai are a tribal people who have traditionally lived deep in the WuTai Mountain Range of Southern Taiwan. The tribe was evangelized by the first missionaries to Taiwan in the 1950s with the result that the majority of the tribe gladly received the gospel. Free Methodist churches were established in more than half of the Lukai tribal villages by James Hudson and Alice Taylor, Geneva Sayre, Ruth Winslow and other pioneer Free Methodist missionaries. There is still a strong testimony among these people.

In 2009, Typhoon Markot devastated villages in the mountains with the result that most of the Lukai villages have had to relocate to the plains. The government has provided houses for the families that had to relocate. The government has also graciously provided a piece of land for each church that had a building in the mountain village, with the stipulation that the new church buildings must be completed by the end of 2015 or the land will be repossessed.

One of the villages has had a more difficult time in building their church because the village is quite small and the resources few. The new building has been begun, but as of September 2015 it is only approximately 70 percent complete. The contractor is working as funds are received.

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