Ethiopia Church Planting & Development

Support for Ethiopia Church Planting and Development (CPD) will help fund:

  • Ethiopia’s FM churches in six geographical areas. Our support, together with a more substantial portion from the Ethiopian churches, helps these churches carry out their ministries and support their pastors.
  • Training for ten pastor-trainers who come together three times a year for several days. Funds cover transportation and food costs, as well as the printing of over 60,000 pages of materials for the ten pastors and each of their two students.
  • The significant expense to bring pastors and delegates together for annual conference meetings. (The local churches of Ethiopia are spread quite widely.)
  • Costs associated with Supt. Makebib bringing pastoral training to different areas of Ethiopia: continuing education for district leaders, participants’ food and transportation for seminars and the overall organizing from Addis Ababa.
  • Ministry to street children carried on through the Megananga church in Addis. It includes Saturday programing, assisting participants to enroll in and continue in school, and some feeding.
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