Hungary Set Free Movement

Support for the Set Free Hungary EMP allows for the ongoing work and development of anti-trafficking work throughout Hungary. Set Free Hungary no longer has a single coordinator, instead, Set Free ministries are coordinated by Hungary team members in Budapest, Győr, and Pécs.

Gerry McNamara – maintains connection with the Set Free Movement in the USA and oversees developing ministry possibilities

Larry Winckles – represents Set Free Hungary before the European Freedom Network (EFN) and serves on the EFN church strategy team

Sylvia Nyiri – oversees the children’s home ministry in Győr

Péter Tóth – oversees the ministry at the Salvation Army shelter in Budapest

Szandra Barat-Abrams – coordinates the annual Walk for Freedom and helps with developing ministries in southern Hungary

Katie Winckles – oversees the Set Free prayer ministry

Kati McNamara – coordinates the ministry at the temporary children’s shelter in Pécs and serves as a resource person for all the children’s ministries

Erin Kingsley – assists with children’s ministries

Thank you for partnering with Free Methodist World Missions and the Set Free Movement to help end modern slavery and create new futures. 

Learn more about the Set Free Movement HERE

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