FM Bible Quizzing Denominational Director

Laura Christensen Colberg stepped into this role on a volunteer basis in 2018 and will be leaving her law practice to commit to this ministry full-time starting summer 2019. 

Since the 1950s FM Bible Quizzing has instilled Scripture into young people using a competition format that gives God through his Word the opportunity to sink deeply into their minds and hearts, leading many into full-time ministry themselves.  It is a powerful tool for discipleship, creating space for conversations that anchor one’s faith, as well as a web of friendships that spans across churches, state lines and international boundaries.  Many of our current leaders, youth pastors, senior pastors, Bishops and teachers were former Bible Quizzers and attest to the impact of this ministry as the launching pad God used to point them toward Christian ministry.

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This ministry position starts with overseeing and maintaining the logistics of establishing each season’s study material, scheduling and other decisions made together with the team of Regional Directors.

Writing tournament questions, developing practice sets for quizzers and coaches, and doing quizmaster training workshops have been part of Laura’s contribution toward FMBQ for many years and will continue.  She has coached and quizmastered and served as the West Coast Regional Director before assuming this new role.

Laura’s vision for the FMBQ ministry entails partnering with Christian college and universities to provide on-campus experiences and scholarships for quizzers.

In this full-time supported position, Laura is dedicating additional time to creating a Bible Study curriculum on each season’s new material that can be used by anyone—quizzers and non-quizzers, youth and young adults—whether in youth group, Sunday School, retreats or in a classroom … asking questions and prompting discussions to understand and apply the text in 2019 and beyond.

Part of this job description includes organizing Quiz Finals each summer, the week-long year-end tournament that crowns the Alpha & Omega team champions.

Laura aims to travel to each Region to attend monthly quizzes each season, to present workshops and training sessions wherever the opportunity arises to introduce FMBQ to churches and conferences currently not participating in this ministry … and to encourage and expand the reach of those who have taken FMBQ across international borders (Kenya, the Philippines … Honduras, Togo and others are in the works).

Her passion is to spark the same love for Scripture that was ignited in her as an FM Bible Quizzer (back in the 1980s), pouring into young people and empowering them to follow Jesus wherever he leads, anchored to a community that extends beyond their high school years, and to invite former quizzers to re-connect and take the lead in multiplying the reach of FMBQ in the hearts and minds of today’s youth.

This fund will give Laura the financial support needed to commit full-time hours toward FM Bible Quizzing in these endeavors.  She resides in Seattle with her husband, Jason, and sons Brennan and Fox.

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