Frequently Asked Questions

How can my church use FM Connect Give?
To make transactions on behalf of your church, please use the username and password provided by your conference office. Church reporting functionality is linked to the church account established through your assigned username and password.

  • Your church username and password should be available through your conference office or Free Methodist World Missions. If you need assistance, please contact Debra Hancock at or 800-342-5531 ext. 232.
  • When “checking out” you will be prompted to enter some “personal information”. Please enter your own name and email in order to proceed. (This email will be in place ONLY for that single transaction.)
  • If you are making personal transactions (not on behalf of your church), please log in using your individual username and password or if you do not have an account, create an account and establish your own username and password.

How do I edit or delete a recurring gift?
You should be able to view your recurring gifts by clicking on your gift history tab on your home / profile page. Editing or deleting a recurring gift must be completed by contacting FMWM directly. Please call 800-342-5531 ext. 232 or email with any requests.

How do I change my credit card information?
Our finance department must process changes to your credit card information. Please contact Debbie Hancock at 800-342-5531 ext. 232 or email for assistance.

Can I save my payment information to re-use each month?
To provide extra financial security for you, we do not store bank account or credit card information on your record. We understand the time involved entering this information, but we believe it’s important for security reasons.

How can I view a report of my giving?
If you go to your giving history and choose the History tab, you will see a posting of all your actual giving. A small gray “Export” button near the fund description heading allows you to export this history to a pdf or Excel document. This document also includes the recurring gifts schedule (this is noted under the installment schedule column). This document could act as your receipt/confirmation, however, if you would like to receive a printed receipt / confirmation, please let us know.

How do I view a receipt for my online gift?
When you provide your email address for a gift through FM Connect Give, a receipt is automatically emailed to you after your transaction is processed.

How do I donate to an EMP?
If you wish to give to an Extra Mile Project that does not appear online, please contact Debbie Hancock at 800-342-5531 ext. 232 or email

What is our organization's legal name and are we listed as an IRS Exempt Organization?
The legal name of the organization is Free Methodist Church of North America. Many ministries fall under the umbrella of the Church including International Child Care Ministries and Free Methodist World Missions. If you or your Donor Advised Fund, or other gift manager, require a form W-9 to verify our Federal Employer ID Number, please email Tammy Randall at to request the form. We can be found on the IRS Exempt Organization Select Check list under our legal name. The city and state, to help narrow your search, are Indianapolis, IN and our Deductibility Status is GROUP.  Here is a link to the IRS List  IRS Exempt Organization Select Check Search Tool.


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