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The Philippines has become known as the global epicenter for the online sexual exploitation of children. According to International Justice Mission, this cybersex crime is the leading human trafficking issue in the Philippines. And it's not only criminal syndicates who are victimizing these children. Sometimes, families run businesses out of their homes, where their own children are being abused and live streamed for a client.

Overall, human trafficking is a significant problem in the Philippines. More than 400,000 Filipino men, women, and children are enslaved throughout the country in various industries: in sex work, on fishing vessels, as overseas workers, in factories and fields (read about it here). 

But this issue doesn't occur in a vacuum. Modern slavery in Manila is a symptom of the underlying problem that relationships, communities, and systems are broken. 21.6% of the population lives in poverty. The foster care system is dysfunctional, there are too few social workers to help organizations care for the marginalized and victimized, and male victims of sex crimes are often ignored. 

Our emerging work in the Philippines will help target the problems listed above by mobilizing the church. Watch this video providing context for this work and introducing our new leaders, husband and wife team Ken and Jemuel:

This fund will financially support our leaders in the Philippines and their important work of ending modern day slavery, in partnership with others.

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