Hungary - Set Free Coordinator

Hungary is one of the top three trafficked countries in central and eastern Europe. This EMP exists to help fund a national Set Free coordinator, Ildikó Kóber, who will both develop and maintain a Hungarian Freedom Network of like-minded individuals and organizations and develop a Life Skills program to assist with rehabilitation and prevention efforts.

Click here to read "April Fool's Day? Not for Me! written by Ildikó Kóber

Click here to watch"Transformed Lives, Transforming Others - Hungary." In this video Ildikó Kóber tells her story of how, while losing almost everything of value in her life, she found true meaning and purpose in Jesus Christ.

Accountability will be both to Kevin Austin, Set Free Director, and to FMWM.

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set free web button half sizeFunding for Ildikó Kóber also supports creating new futures for those in modern-day slavery. Click the "Set Free" logo to read more.

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