Hungary Set Free Movement

Support for the Set Free Hungary EMP allows for the ongoing work and development of anti-trafficking work throughout Hungary. Set Free Hungary no longer has a single coordinator, instead, Set Free ministries are coordinated by Hungary team members in Budapest, Győr, and Pécs.

Gerry McNamara – maintains connection with the Set Free Movement in the USA and oversees developing ministry possibilities

Larry Winckles – represents Set Free Hungary before the European Freedom Network (EFN) and serves on the EFN church strategy team

Sylvia Nyiri – oversees the children’s home ministry in Győr

Péter Tóth – oversees the ministry at the Salvation Army shelter in Budapest

Szandra Barat-Abrams – coordinates the annual Walk for Freedom and helps with developing ministries in southern Hungary

Katie Winckles – oversees the Set Free prayer ministry

Kati McNamara – coordinates the ministry at the temporary children’s shelter in Pécs and serves as a resource person for all the children’s ministries

Erin Kingsley – assists with children’s ministries

set free web button half sizeFunding for Zsuzsa Mecséri-McNamara also supports creating new futures for those in modern-day slavery. Click the "Set Free" logo to read more.

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