Myanmar Strategic Development

The Free Methodist Church in Myanmar has a commitment to make church planting its highest priority in its strategic plan over the next six years. The start-up costs in the first six months will jump-start the initiative of planting five churches a year over the next six years.

The costs include: 
1. Translation and printing of strategic thinking and planning materials into the Chin and Burmese languages.
$1,000USD - needed right away to begin translation work for a September 2016 meeting with the BOA and other key leaders.

2. Week-long training session in Yangon with the BOA and a few other key leaders (12-13 in all) including travel for those coming from Chin State, meals, a small conference room at a hotel to hold the meetings, and a translator for Don Williams.
$1,800 - needed by August 2016 to reserve the hotel conference room and provide costs for transportation. Remaining funds needed by September.

3. Translation and printing of The Book of Discipline into Burmese and Chin as churches are being planted as part of the training program.
$3,000USD - helpful to have available January 2017.

4. Translation and printing of the Pastor Handbook as churches are being planted as part of the training program. 
$1,500USD - January 2017

5. Translation and printing of the first ⅓ of the resources and materials in the Church Planting model CCP adopted by the conference.
$5,000USD - needed by October 2016.

6. Additional $1,000 - to cover unforeseen leadership development and implementation expenses.

All costs after this initial start-up will go into the annual Church Planting and Development Fund (formerly known as the CSA).

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