Vis de Copil - Romania

More than 20 years ago, two high school teachers from Scotland began helping Romanian children. In 2006 they bought a house in the city center of Arad and transformed it into a “Secret Garden,” Where everyone would be unconditionally loved and accepted. They wanted it to be a place where people would feel at home and safe, a place of respite from the harsh realities of their everyday lives. 

Today this day center, Vis de Copil ( A Child’s Dream) in Arad, Romania, provides multiple services for street children and needy families. They offer counseling services for emotional support and provide physical support through the distribution of food, clothing, vitamins, school supplies, and medicine. Showers and washing machines are also provided.

Affiliate missionary Philip More is the director of the center. Philip is a member of the FMC in Hungary and is currently a ministerial candidate.

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