Oaza Children's Homes

Early in 1992, as she was graduating from Bible college, Laura Andres received a call from God to a "lost, forgotten and unloved people." Thinking God intended to send her to Siberia, Laura returned home to Arad, Romania, where she began teaching in a local school.

Over the next few years, the Lord reaffirmed His calling to her. In 1995, the Lord began to show Laura the people He was calling her to serve were children and their families living right around her. Laura began to serve those living on the streets of Arad (in sewers, train cars, etc.) by daily taking food to them and just listening to their situations; adults, teens and children ... children who were being neglected by those caring for them and living without hope.

Today, Laura’s work is part of what has developed into the ministry of Oaza (meaning Oasis) which includes a residential program for children and several community programs.

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